The Sideline SAC app allow coaches and trainers to access a digital version of the standardized assessment of concussion which can be self-administered. Each administrator has their own account with a username and password that they provide when they register in the app. Coaches and trainers can keep track of and analyze their player's cognitive test results using this app.

Recent studies have shown that the use of the SAC has value in helping sports medicine professionals in detecting and quantifying acute cognitive impairment on the sports sideline, particularly in identifying concussions in the 90 to 95% of cases where there is no loss of consciousness or other obvious signs of concussion.

Concussed players have been shown to perform significantly worse than baseline. The 2013 American Academy of Neurology concussion guidelines state that the SAC is "likely to identify the presence of concussion in the early stages post-injury."

The Sideline SAC app is designed for rapid concussion evaluation on the sidelines. Like other brief neuropsychological test batteries that assess attention and memory function. SAC is not meant to replace comprehensive neuropsychological testing  or used as a stand-alone tool for diagnose concussions, measure recovery, or make decisions about an athlete's readiness to return to competition after concussion.

It is also important to remember that symptoms of concussion may not appear until several hours, or even days, after injury with delayed onset of symptoms particularly common among younger athletes.

This is especially true because some symptoms, especially in the neurobehavioral category (sleeping more than usual, drowsiness, fatigue and nervousness) are often missed or not apparent on an a sideline or initial assessment, or, may be more attributed to other conditions, such as stress, depression, or anxiety.